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Our top picks come from thorough analysis from the perspectives of medicine, health policy, finance and regulation. We aim to provide you with companies that give you the most minimal risk but huge potential. Biotechnology is a constantly changing field and these companies, brought by experts in the field, will help you stay in front.

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July 7, 2017

PARP inhibitors are a new class of drugs found to suppress the progression of certain cancers such as ovarian, in recurrent platinum-sensitive patients. Due to their initial success in treatment, research and development in the field has taken off and several new drugs have entered the market this year. Given their implications in the field of oncology, PARP inhibitors pose an unique investment opportunity.

March 30, 2017

Voclosporin has shown success in its Phase II AURA-LV clinical trials. Phase II results indicated very strong complete remission rates at 24-weeks, surpassing its primary endpoints and a follow-up Phase IIb study demonstrated stronger remission rates at 48-weeks. If AURORA Phase III trials demonstrate as much success as the Phase II trial, Aurinia will use the results to file for a New Drug Application (NDA). Because of Voclosporin’s fast-track designation by the FDA, chances for approval are ve...

March 27, 2017

Allergan is an extremely diverse company spanning through many fields of medicine. It is well positioned to keep growing and has a very low single drug risk. Many of its newly introduced drugs are extremely useful to patients especially in the eye care and aesthetics segments and will continue to be adopted thoroughly and quickly. Allergan’s CEO has initiated and signed a pledge to keep Allergan’s drug price increases in control, improving the company’s perception and reducing government overloo...

March 20, 2017

If granted the NDA, Kite will the first to market for this disease and will immediately become a leading treatment option. Given the number of patients living with this disease, many need this drug immediately and will not be able to wait for further results from Juno’s JCAR 017 and potential approval. Kite’s has also raised an additional $409.7 million through a secondary offering for what I assume is meant to run trials of Zuma-1 on other diseases as well as potential marketing for this drug i...

March 3, 2017

Considering AMD’s substantial growth in 2016, investors have become wary if AMD could continue it’s growth in 2017. AMD Ryzen chips have shown to be more than capable against Intel’s Kaby Lake processors, and AMD’s VEGA GPU looks ready to compete against NVIDIA’s GTX 1080i. I believe in 2017, AMD will regain market share in both the CPU and GPU chip-space. Combine the increased revenue with semi-custom GPU contracts for Microsoft’s Scorpio, Google’s cloud services, and Alibaba, and AMD is ready...

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